Workflow is a practical guide to a smooth and dependable creative process.

Whether you’re writing books, designing websites, animating, composing soundtracks, creating games, or doing anything else creative — the methods and concepts described in Workflow will help you improve in areas like:

  • Time management – meeting your deadlines without doing overtime
  • Replacing anxiety and confusion with confidence and focus
  • Coming up with good ideas, on demand and under pressure
  • Presenting your ideas clearly
  • Working faster without compromising quality
  • Keeping your work both unpredictable and controlled

Workflow achieves all this (and much more) by focusing on the creative process as a standalone skill – a skill that, once mastered, can be used in any creative field and in any type of project.

What Readers Say…

A few quotes from reviews posted on Amaozn.com and Amazon.ca:

“Every creative person must have this on the shelf!”
“This is an excellent book about creative process, profusely and skillfully illustrated by the author (nearly every page has illustrations, many of them in full color), that will quickly take its place among other classic books on creativity.”
“As an animator this book helped me tweak the way I work and even though I only implement few of the workflow tips it suggests, I can already see a big difference in how much more confident and organized I am in my work.”
“This well-written book meticulously packs in a LOT of essential tools and guidelines, while still managing to keep it accessible and digestible. Highly recommended for any industry professional, teacher or student!”
“This would have been very helpful to have when I was in school, but I’m very glad to have found it now.”
“There are a lot of incredible insights in this book, especially tips on how to cope with your inner critic and keeping them at bay!”

Where to get it

You can get Workflow from most Amazon shops around the world, and also directly from CRC Press.

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After You Read…

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