Workflow Weekly: Four characters with purple boots, and more (week #28)

So I’m trying out something new. This blog post is a collection of thoughts, links and tips from this week (which is week #28 of the year, hence the title).  Let me know what you think!

Four Personalities

Found this old sketch from a few years back. The idea is of course to have each character represent one of the 4 different Workflow mindsets (and they all have purple “capture boots”!). I kinda dig it… wonder why I decided not to use it!

A Seed of an Idea

I like Charles Kaufman’s gallery of sketchbook doodles vs. finished paintings (hover on doodles to see the finished work). I love how simple and fun these doodles are. I also like the way he protects that fun all the way through the finished artwork.

“When I create my sketches I am just looking for a seed of an idea. The drawings are very rough and simple. Once I start the painting I then proceed to make the art based on a ‘whatever happens, happens’ type of painting philosophy.”

It’s Never as Simple as It Looks

In this video by Illustrator Sara Faber, the the end result looks so simple and straightforward – and yet look how many versions it takes: pencil, digital rough, then a more stylized color version. It’s worth remembering that, just because something looks super simple, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a very deliberate (and perhaps long) process behind it.

Relaxed Reading…

Animator Liron Hadad sent me this picture of a her reading material on a relaxed afternoon in Victoria, BC.  🙂

That’s it for this week! If you like this “weekly digest” idea, let me know and I’ll keep ’em coming.

Hope you have an awesome week of work & flow!

Author: Doron Mayer

Director, Animator, Writer, Designer. Author of "Workflow: The practical Guide to the Creative Process".

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