Workflow Weekly: Storyboarding with Lego, Work Patterns, and more (week #30)

Storyboarding with Lego

This an image from last week of me and one of the storyboard artists playing Lego at work.

…Okay, not really “playing”.

I brought some Lego to the studio in order to work out the staging concept of a pretty complex sequence. We built a very basic proxy of the set, placed some dummy “characters” in it, and used my phone camera to explore interesting angles, plan locomotion, and spot problems in advance.

Top: an angle I probably wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Bottom: a storyboard panel based on the image (this is a fake panel by the way. I’m not allowed to show real artwork from the show).

In WORKFLOW, I point out five “pattern breakers” to help you think outside the box when developing your concept: (1) Taking a break, (2) changing your tools, (3) getting silly, (4) using external pattern breakers, and (5) brainstorming with others (page 55). This Lego session combined all five of them.

So…did we come up with great solutions? Yes we did. Did we go through a whole big chunk of work relatively quickly? Yes we did! But here’s the most important part: this was FUN!

What’s your work pattern?

The above Workflow meme drew some interesting responses this week, the most interesting of which pointed out that it “depends on type of work and mood”.

That made me realize that indeed, I am also moving between different patterns. I tend to do “bursts” in the more creative stages of the work, and “controlled” for the more “labor heavy” stages.

I also tend to do the “Long Luncher” quite a bit… but that’s a whole different matter.

Quote of the week…

…and This week, a very fresh quote. Overheard my friend and co-director Jayson Thiessen dropping this gem while explaining something to someone over lunch:

“The creative process is like solving a puzzle while you’re creating it.”

-Jayson Thiessen

Super accurate, and captures the chaotic nature of the creative process really well!

That’s it for this week – head over to the book’s Facebook page for more posts & comments.

Author: Doron Mayer

Director, Animator, Writer, Designer. Author of "Workflow: The practical Guide to the Creative Process".

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