Workflow Weekly: Fearless Storyboarding, The Origins of Workflow (week #46)

As usual, a collection of recent Workflow highlights for you. Enjoy!

Fearless Storyboarding

A few weeks ago I flew to Moscow to give a talk about the two things main thing I’ve been involved in over the last decade or so: Workflow, and Storyboarding. I named the lecture ‘Fearless Storyboarding’. Here are a few photos, as well as some slides from the presentation:

The Origins of Workflow

This is a sketch from 2005 – February 5th 2005, to be exact. I was in Copenhagen at the time, animating on Asterix and the Vikings. I made this to remind myself to take a step back and work with more control (upper section), and also to try and do the trial-and-error in my head instead of on paper (lower section).

For me, this sketch represents the very beginning of what, many years later, would become my book – Workflow. I didn’t know at the time that this was going to be a book – I was just collecting helpful tips and thoughts about the creative process. But this sketch helped me so much, it made me interested in pursuing more workflow knowledge.

The full story of how the idea came about and why it happened when it did, is in the book’s preface – which you can read here:

Happy productive week, folks!

Author: Doron Mayer

Director, Animator, Writer, Designer. Author of "Workflow: The practical Guide to the Creative Process".

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