Core Concept: The Premake

The premake has many names: model, maquette, demo recording, animatic, mock-up, synopsis, proof of concept, or simply ‘sketch’.

At the very heart of the creative process is the premake: a quick and rough capture of your vision. Think of the premake as an apparition in a fortune teller’s crystal ball: a small, blurred, distorted prophecy of what your finished work is going to be.

This quick sketch has almost as many names as there are forms of creativity. In architecture it’s called Continue reading “Core Concept: The Premake”

The Myth of “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”

Be reckless; be bold; be messy; be silly; be crazy. You can worry about elegance and craftsmanship later; that is, when you revisit and revise your work.

The advice “write drunk – edit sober”, often attributed to Ernest Hemingway, was never given by him – probably because it’s a terrible advice. (link: a report from someone who actually tried it).

However, there is a nugget of wisdom in it. A couple of nuggets, even. Continue reading “The Myth of “Write Drunk, Edit Sober””

Workflow Weekly: Disney’s superpower, Dispassion, and more (week #32)

In Praise of Dispassion

Everyone loves talking about passion. And yes, passion is a crucial component in your success as a creative professional (and anything else, really). But there’s also something to be said for dispassion.  I’m talking about the ability to take a step back and make your decisions not as a passionate emotional artist, but as a cold and calculated pro.

Here’s Mr. Wolf (Harvey Keitel) demonstrating the value of cold, dispassionate professionalism in Trantino’s Pulp Fiction: Continue reading “Workflow Weekly: Disney’s superpower, Dispassion, and more (week #32)”

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Tiredness

So this image has been popping up in my Facebook and reddit feeds a lot these past few weeks. At first I dismissed it as one of the many “cheesy wisdom” images floating around the net these days. This one was different though: I found myself thinking about it almost daily. At least for me, it seems to touch on something very real.

Here’s my take on it. Continue reading “Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Tiredness”

Workflow Weekly: Storyboarding with Lego, Work Patterns, and more (week #30)

Storyboarding with Lego

This an image from last week of me and one of the storyboard artists playing Lego at work.

…Okay, not really “playing”.

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