“At a Glance”: Printable Summaries

Each of the main sections of the book ends with a one-page visual recap of the main ideas explained.

Click the image below to print individual “at a glance” pages. You can also download a zip file containing all of them!

Working in passes: printable worksheet

To help you take control over you passes, here is a little helper you can print out and use – either writing on it, or just as a reminder!

Adaptive Planning Template

Explained in Section VI: The Plan, Adaptive planning is an active time-management method in which you keep breaking down your work to smaller chunks as you proceed. I usually use a spreadsheet for that: it’s easier to update than a piece of paper, and doesn’t force you to use someone else’s management paradigms.

Click the image below for my spreadsheet template. Feel free to make a copy of it in on your own Google Drive, or use File>Download As to download it to your computer.

Workflow Pyramid

A fun little DIY aid to help you stay on top of your workflow. Print, cut, and build: